Tips to be Happy at Work

5 Tips To Help You Stay Happy at Work

A recent article, Why You Need to be Happy at Work by Ken Sundheim says that happiness does not come after accomplishment but rather enjoyment helps the human brain power in ways that set you up for career success. To be happy at work boosts our potential for success and further fuels performance and achievement. Learning to be happy at work makes us more motivated, flexible, focused and creative.

Here are five tips to help you be happy at work and thrive.

1. Picture success

When you are able to clearly visualize success, It naturally cultivates a feeling of happiness which fosters focus and motivation.

2. Uphold interpersonal relationships

Stress and workplace discontentment is reduced by expanding your social support network both at work and outside of your job. Without fulfilling relationships both inside and outside the office; focus, creativity, work ethic and resilience suffer– our happiness diminishes and performance suffers further.

3. Positively anticipate an event

Find something to look forward to. Studies have found that employees who anticipate future rewards, regardless of how big or small, are better able to utilize their brain power and benefit from the advantages that happiness brings.

4. Be optimistic

The most effective way to promote healthy thinking is to learn how to cast out negative thoughts on the spot. If you kill a thought dead, for the time being you can do anything else with that brain power that you want.

5. Integrate daily exercise

Daily exercise like aerobic activity has been proven to directly fuel the dorsolateral prefrontal cortices – the part of the brain that heavily regulates the way you think and the actions you take.


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