5 Steps to Improve Your Learning Agility

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A recent article, 5 Ways to Increase Your Learning Agility by Alexandra Levit says that learning agile individuals are companies’ assets— these people have the ability to quickly assimilate information and  apply that knowledge to a variety of different situations. Hiring these individuals allows companies to be more responsive, flexible, and competitive.

Here are some steps to nurture learning agility in yourself and in your company.

Be innovative

Come up with a new approach to do something.  Try radical things or new ideas about how tasks or projects can be done.

Be bold to explore

Look for stretch assignments or take challenges where success isn’t a given to develop your ability to learn and grow.

Accept your mistake

Don’t look around to see who you can blame but instead accept your mistake when a risky project fails. Learn from your mistake and make a conscious effort to take a different path next time.

Keep calm and move forward

When things go wrong, keep calm and learn to listen before immediately reacting in a difficult situation. Compare and match current and past projects and contemplate on the common thread that ties various aspects of your business together. In this way new ideas and approaches can spark.

Be reflective

Explore “what-ifs” and alternative paths for ventures with which you’ve been involved. Ask your colleague to give honest opinion, asking: “What are three or four things I could have done better?” Ensure the question is specific but open-ended so that you can take action on what you learn.


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