Dynamic Attributes of Successful Sales Team

1111Nowadays, it’s common for an inside sales team to handle all client relationships. Approximately half of the organizations surveyed have made the shift to an inside marketing team. A recent article, 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Winning Sales Teams, by Nick Hedges uncovers substantial discrepancies between successful and unsuccessful sales teams. Successful inside sales teams should possess the following four attributes.


Top organizations in executive suites Denver are focused on the team as a whole, rather than focusing on top sales performers. In fact, high-performing sales teams were twice as likely to describe themselves as a “cohesive group of like-minded individuals” than people at lower performing-organizations. In addition, individual talent was regarded as a lesser factor for sales success by the best teams, who were also less likely to have below average salespeople.

Aggressive goal setting

A common problem that sales leaders from staffed flexible offices frequently struggle with is how to set quotas. According to the data, your chances of hitting and reaching sales quota actually increase the more aggressive you get. The research shows that 64 percent of high-performing sales organizations set quotas 10 percent or higher above what they are responsible for.

Process driven

There is a famous myth in sales that only super stars can hit quotas, which depresses most salespeople. To that point, sales leaders at high-performing organizations in executive suites South Park should document and implement the processes of their best reps across the organization. High-performing organizations are almost twice as likely as underperforming organizations to define their sales processes as “closely monitored” or strictly enforced or automated.” The study also showed that high performing organizations rated “disciplined sales process and systems usage” as the second most essential factor separating great from good sales organizations.

Decisive about termination

Sales leaders in staffed flexible offices should quickly set sales rep expectations, and be quicker to terminate low-performers. On the other hand, there should always be some time for employee onboarding. The study showed that 18 percent of high-performing organizations terminate poor performing sales reps after three months.


Inside sales is truly an effective means of marketing. Feel free to share your thought and comments on how to achieve successful sales team in your business. YourOffice is a world-class network of business centers providing clients with fully serviced full-time offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms, all available with flexible terms and on-demand. Simply work with our team to create the office plan that’s perfect for your business.