Criteria for Selecting Employees: The Backbone of Your Business

1111Choosing the right employees for your business  is crucial because they are the very strength of your organization. A recent article, 3 Things You Should Look For in Employees, by Tim Berry, explains the three most important criteria in selecting employees.

  1. Honesty

Typical manager-employee relationships in staffed flexible offices are (unfortunately) conducive to people telling what they think you want to hear instead of the truth.  Unfortunately, this line of thinking starts early, usually during the job interview. They think you’re impressed with all the right answers.

You don’t want your employee in day offices to fear you but you want your employee to trust you with the truth. If he or she screwed up something, you want to hear the truth; you want him or her to collaborate with you to solve the problem instead of hiding it.

  1. Responsibility

“Owning” complements employee responsibility; however,  it’s useless unless your employees in small office space Orlando understands what it means — and that is, your employees are invested in your business similar to you.  You want your employee to feel happy when the business is doing well, and vice versa for when the business isn’t doing so well.

Making excuses is NOT owning the job and a manifestation of carelessness. One of the most distressing boss-employee snafus comes about if employees ever get the notion that presenting an excuse for not doing the work is as good as having the work done.

It is remarkable when an employee in team office space owns the job enough to defend it, campaign for more resources and enhance it.

  1. Compatibility

What does “compatible” really mean? It’s not a synonym for “identical” because no two human beings have identical goals. But if your employee’s goals match what the company needs, and if your employee’s career growth matches his or her job description, then it’s perfect.

Working for your company has to be beneficial for your employees too. If it isn’t, your goals simply don’t mesh.

Trying to force things at that point is a lose-lose situation.


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