The Book Every Business Owner Must Have: Small Business Taxes 2015

A recent article titled Small Business Taxes 2015: The Book Every Business Owner Must Have by Anita Campbell discusses and highly recommends the book to every business owner. It is a 600-page-reference book and updated each new tax year by Barbara Weltman, a well-known leader of business taxes. This book is packed with information and perfectly aimed to small business owners. This material reference is very useful that enables you to keep more money from legitimate tax savings. The book is available as an ebook or large paperback for about $13 to $23.

Some highlights of what Small Business Taxes 2015 offers:

  • It gives plain language explanations of tax provisions.
  • Hundreds of illustrative examples on how to apply the tax code to real business situations.
  • 12-page-checklist for deductible and nondeductible business expenses like rental expense at serviced office space.
  • Excellent index for a specific tax code provision.

What you will not find in the book:

The book contains legitimate tax savings method and not the crazy-creative “tax shelters”. This book may help you save many thousands of dollars each year reasonably like when you stay at staffed flexible offices.

Be A Better Business Owner:

A business owner must actively participate in tax planning throughout the year with tax preparer.A well informed business owner is a must to be successful.

Short Interview With Author Barbara Weltman

Below are some of the things tackled in the interview about the book:

  •  The book is a reference book; it is not a page turner like a novel. It’s a reference guide in which information can be easily accessed by the table of contents or the index.
  •  The book is helpful for tax return preparation; it’s intended to be a year-round tax guide for business owners so they can make taxwise decisions in their operations.
  •  The book is helpful to both the experienced business owner as well as someone just starting out at small office space orlando. It’s also for those thinking about running a business and wanting to know the extent of their tax responsibilities.
  •  The book can also benefit HR managers at executive office space in decision making, and people with responsibility for business decisions. The book also has tax-specific information for farmers.

About The Author

Barbara Weltman started working for the J.K. Lasser Tax Institute in 1977 and went into private legal practice in 1983. She currently works as a contributing editor to Your Income Tax and author other Lasser books.

Weltman also writes a monthly tax column at Small Business Trends.


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