Co-working Spaces for Your Company, and Your Community

Are you trying to work from home? Are you finding it hard to sit still? The laundry, the dog, your roommate (or if you’re like me, your kids) provide endless distraction.

You need a better place to work.

Your dream office is nothing but a dream

You know that cool office you saw in the movies? The one with high ceilings, red brick walls, exposed steel beams and a Stella beer fountain right by the printer station? That dream office is nothing but a dream. You can come close but it won’t be the same, besides, who could work with a Stella beer fountain nearby!

Network without really trying

It’s time to tap into the growing number of co-working spaces that are springing up all over the globe. For an average of $300 per month, you can land a desk at one of the world’s best and coolest shared work spaces.

This isn’t just about costs and amenities. Weekly events, meet-ups, and happy hours are business as usual in these communities and provide priceless networking opportunities.

Benefit your local community

As your company continues to grow, you are also able to hire locally and preserve your city’s economy without forcing new employees to relocate or commute extensively.

With the various types of talent to be found at your local co-working space, you can also learn a new skill or two from your peers. Who knows, maybe your next big idea will launch from these discussions!

We Work, Seattle’s South Lake Union Neighborhood

It’s a stunningly beautiful workspace that has everything I need to grow my business and be successful, including ridiculously fast Internet, awesome conference rooms, an app the manages everything from meeting rooms to printers (and even acts as an internal social network), and a friendly staff.

The Fueled Collective, NYC’s SoHo District

This is one of the coolest co-working spaces in the world. It houses 150 people across 35 of the most exciting startups in NYC on plush leather couches, with year-round ice cream and ping pong tournaments. Let’s not forget amazing views of lower Manhattan and a killer snack bar!

Hubud, Bali, Monkey Forest Road (yes, for real)

The open-air space of Hubud draws you in with bamboo beams, rice paddies, and an occasional visiting monkey, but also features a high-speed fiber backbone, an all-organic snack bar, and air-conditioned meeting rooms with flat screen TVs. It makes you wonder whether you really want to make that return flight home.

Co-working is an awesome option for startups

The spaces we occupy shape the way we think and how well we create. It only makes sense to pick a space that is fun, functional, inspiring and affordable. Give co-working a try.

Today YourOffice operates more than a dozen on-demand office centers located in high-growth areas stretching from Philadelphia, PA to Denver, CO. The common thread for all YourOffice clients is convenience, flexibility, co working office space and cost savings.

The YourOffice network of business centers, with expanding locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, is ready to assist you with all your office requirements, no matter how large or small, whether it is as your main office, a branch office or a virtual office.

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