The Secret Sauce for Running a Small Business

The Secret Sauce for Running a Small BusinessMore often than not, emerging business owners believe outsourcing work is just something larger companies can afford to do.  Listen: you cannot sustain a business working as a one-person shop. You are your greatest asset. This means optimizing your health and productivity will yield incredible dividends for your business.

Here are three affordable ways to outsourcing on a budget:

  • Online Professional Services Company is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning at a cost of $5 (yes only $5) per job performed. The site is primarily used by freelancers from around the globe who offer a variety of services.

On each gig you are typically allowed at least 2-3 revisions and the tool allows you to rate the seller once the order is completed. Fiverr publishes and makes all ratings visible to you by seller before selecting a gig.

2. Bartering
Bartering is another great way of getting tasks accomplished that require more of a specialized skill set for free or at least a fraction of the cost.

Every business owner should take an account of the things they perform well. Keep this in mind as you meet other small business owners or other professionals that become part of your network.

3. Hire an intern
I encourage all business owners to get at least one intern. They are tons of students who would be willing to work for “free” to gain the experience in the area that they are passionate about and/or studying.

Hiring an intern also gives the business owner people management experience. Additionally, once your business is able to hire employees you’ll have a good base of talent to pull from who already know your business.

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